Episode 1 // Intro, Erin Paul – Software Support Pro and Hornist

The one where I’m talking to myself – send help…

In the first episode of Doublers, I’m outlining the why for starting this podcast. Everyone and their dog is making content these days, since we’re all stuck and home and this is the primary means for social contact.

So why this podcast, and why now?

I’ve spent a decent chunk of my adult life looking for the perfect unicorn job that would support my music career, give me an outlet to do something constructive, and pay well enough for me to make a dent in my student loan debt. As a student, I falsely believed that in order to be taken seriously as a musician, I had to be “in” the field – teaching was the only acceptable secondary career. Over the years as my secondary career interests wandered outside of the “acceptable” jobs, I came to realize that this stigma is not only useless, but often traps people in jobs they don’t actually like so they can hold on to their identity as a musician. In reality, they could spend just as much if not less time on a different career path, and have more energy and time available for what they really care about: being a performing musician.

I was lucky enough to land a job at a great tech company that gives me all the flexibility, stability, and benefits that I wanted while allowing me the freedom to continue my music career. My playing is better, I’m playing the gigs I actually want to play, and I’m not completely burnt out on music as an entity by the time I’m performing.

Listen to the full episode here.

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