Episode 4 // Lauren Yu – Software Engineer and Bassoonist

Lauren Yu is a bassoonist and software engineer in the DC metropolitan area. She is a founding member of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, a well-known chamber ensemble that has an international following.  

With her quartet, Lauren has presented performances and masterclasses all over the world, most notably at the International Double Reed Society Conferences in Spain and Japan, the International Beijing Bassoon Festival and countless secondary schools and universities throughout the continental United States.  She has arranged and transcribed a variety of classical and popular music, some of which has been published through TrevCo Music Publishing.

An alumna of Eastman School of Music and Yale University, Lauren has performed with many orchestras, including the Buffalo Philharmonic, the South Florida Symphony, the Williamsburg Symphony, YOA Orchestra of the Americas and Santo Domingo Sinfonia.

After grad school, Lauren began tutoring to help supplement my freelancing career. She says, “While I love teaching math and playing bassoon, I ultimately decided I wanted a different career path – something that combined the aspects of math and music that I love most: problem solving and creativity.”

Enter coding. After some careful consideration and several online courses, she was hooked. She decided to make the commitment and attend a bootcamp at the Flatiron School, followed by a short program with Collab Lab. She quickly landed in internship at at Data Society in Washington, DC and after a few months was hired as a full-time software engineer.

Listen to the full episode here.

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