Episode 8 // John Hong – Clarinetist, Writer & Marketing Consultant

How does spending $8500 you don’t have as a grad student jump start your career? In this episode, John Hong shares how one swipe of a credit card started the exciting journey into his current pursuits.

A clarinetist turned writer and artistic marketing consultant,John Hongnurtures an obsession with clear, simple, and human communication.Consulting since 2018, his clientele includes GRAMMY® winners, non-profit executives, orchestra CEOs, and instrumentalists, ensembles, conductors, and composers from every major continent. He is an occasional freelance writer on the people and issues surrounding classical music, praised by New Yorker contributor Steve Smith for “having his thumb square on the pulse of what moves the public to open up a story.”

Find him on Twitter: @John_Hong.

(On a personal note, I can attest to his skills as a writer – John wrote the bio on my website!)

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