• Beth Lano Episode 5 Cover Art

    Episode 5 // Beth Lano

    Is there anything Beth Lano doesn't do? Successful freelance horn player, voice actor, public relations and marketing pro, private horn teacher, associate principal of the Las Vegas Philharmonic - she stays busy, that's for sure!

  • Episode 4 // Lauren Yu

    Lauren Yu is a bassoonist and software engineer in the DC metropolitan area. She is a founding member of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, a well-known chamber ensemble that has […]

  • Episode 3 // Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh is an oboist and wine tasting connoisseur currently based in Pittsburgh after 17 years in New York City.  Most recently, Ryan was the oboe/English horn player for the […]

  • Episode 2 // Eric Umble

    I’m excited to share my first episode with a real live guest! Eric Umble is a clarinetist, development administrator, DJ, and all around wonderful human. I’m delighted to have him […]

  • Episode 1 // Intro, Erin Paul

    In the first episode of Doublers, I'm outlining the why for starting this podcast. Everyone and their dog is making content these days, since we're all stuck and home and this is the primary means for social contact... so why this podcast and why now?