• Episode 11 // Aleks Ozolins – Software Support Pro & Hornist

    Ever wondered how to get into tech without going to a coding bootcamp? In this episode, Aleks shares his journey into the tech world after fifteen years as a freelancer in NYC - and how a cycling accident shifted his mindset toward being open to a double career.

  • Episode 10 // Vanessa Young – Yoga Instructor, Doula & Harpist

    Two questions this week - have you ever heard of a yoga class with a live harpist? And what the heck is a doula? This week's guest Vanessa Young-Miller is a professional harpist, yoga instructor and birth doula in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. While her husband(JG Miller, horn) embarked on Army basic training she began a yoga training in Los Angeles, CA, while finding a niche in playing harp for live yoga classes. After the birth of their first child, her passion for all things birth, postpartum and parenthood began eventually leading to learning to be a birth support person (doula) after the birth of their second child.

  • Episode 9 // J.G. Miller – SFC, US Army Field Band

    Did you know that a military musician does more than play their instrument? As J.G. Miller shares in this week's episode, life in a military band is all about saying yes to new challenges and staying flexible! In addition to his responsibilities as horn player, JG also works as a CompTIA Sec+ certified assistant information management officer, Unit Training NCO, and arranges for his quintet, the Federal Brass. From Mozart to military history, cyber security to climate change advocacy, intellectual property law, healthy living, movie music, The Who, technology, vehicle maintenance and everything else in between, J.G. Miller has had a wide swath of careers and follows the guiding star of chasing happiness above all.

  • Episode 8 // John Hong – Clarinetist, Writer & Marketing Consultant

    How does spending $8500 you don't have as a grad student jump start your career? In this episode, John Hong shares how one swipe of a credit card started the exciting journey into his current pursuits.

  • Episode 7 // Atse Theodros – Brass Repair Tech & Trumpeter

    Atse Theodros is a freelance trumpet player and brass repair tech at J. Landress Brass in New York City. After apprenticing at the shop during his last year of study […]

  • Episode 6 // Sara Duchovnay – Fine Jewelry Curator and Soprano

    Sara and I chat about her experiences as an entrepreneur and operatic soloist, the challenges of building businesses, and why classical musicians should be more like Rhianna (for real). In […]

  • Beth Lano Episode 5 Cover Art

    Episode 5 // Beth Lano – PR & Marketing Pro and Hornist

    Is there anything Beth Lano doesn't do? Successful freelance horn player, voice actor, public relations and marketing pro, private horn teacher, associate principal of the Las Vegas Philharmonic - she stays busy, that's for sure!

  • Episode 4 // Lauren Yu – Software Engineer and Bassoonist

    Lauren Yu is a bassoonist and software engineer in the DC metropolitan area. She is a founding member of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, a well-known chamber ensemble that has […]

  • Episode 3 // Ryan Walsh – Wine Tasting Connoisseur and Oboist

    Ryan Walsh is an oboist and wine tasting connoisseur currently based in Pittsburgh after 17 years in New York City.  Most recently, Ryan was the oboe/English horn player for the […]

  • Episode 2 // Eric Umble – Non-profit Development Pro and Clarinetist

    I’m excited to share my first episode with a real live guest! Eric Umble is a clarinetist, development administrator, DJ, and all around wonderful human. I’m delighted to have him […]